I don't find talking about myself, or sharing praise particularly comfortable. However, many beautiful humans have said many wonderful things about my work. 

"Our wedding photographs are beautiful - the framing, the intimacy, the way you capture light and dark so well. They bring us such joy. Thank you for capturing the spirit of the weekend in perpetuity. It felt like having a friend with us."

"What an artist you are! We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to capture so many happy memories from our special day so beautifully, with such care and warmth. Looking at the photos it brings it all back, and that means the world!" 

We cant even...
Oh my God man!

"We want you to know that we absolutely LOVE the pictures!
Honestly, they are so amazing, we're totally blown away. You are a genius!
We got up extra early this morning to have a look over a brew and some toast and they've left us on cloud 9 all day!
You have captured us as a couple so bloody well! Even the "cheesy" shots are brilliant and we look so natural."

"We have literally just spent the last hour & a half looking the photos & Sj has managed to drink a whole bottle of wine during it :P 

They are really AMAZING & hilarious at the same time. You have captured the moments perfectly!! 

We discussed when we got home how we never did this never did that, but you have captured those moments unaware. Which suits two people who hate their photographs been taken. 

It's a true testament to you & what a lovely guy you are that as we said before people couldn't believe that we didn't know you before. But the photographs would stand to someone who has known us & our friends for many years."

"We are both absolutely delighted with the photos - they are seriously seriously beautiful and we are so happy to have such a special record of the day, thank you so so much! You are an incredible talent"

"Thank you so so much, the photos are amazing, we are so over the moon!

You made us both look like decent, humans! Not an easy feat!

We are both so very happy you were our photographer and will definitely recommend you.

Thanks again, they are the memories we will never forget."

"We knew you were a special talent. You have created something utterly unique and unpretentious. We feel so fortunate to have had you at our day. These aren't wedding photographs, these are our photographs."

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