Today (in about ten minutes) I will be sharing a wedding at Palazzo Bacile di Castiglione. Built in the 16th century, this would be
the first time the venue would host a wedding ceremony. I was very lucky to be asked to photograph such a unique event.

The photos from this wedding are some of the most personal I have taken. It was never my intention for it to turn out like that though. Inside the Palazzo we had this wonderful family living through this celebration. It was relaxed, informal and beautiful in its simplicity.

I take photos that, in many cases, would only be accessible to family members, or close friends. Obviously, this is a challenging thing to do because photography is so personal and subjective, and taking care to protect the privacy of the people I work with is paramount. The photos taken at this wedding are often of people at their most open and sensitive. I have spent a year and a half figuring how, what, and when I could display just some of them. I am really happy to finally share a tiny piece of this magical four day event because I think these photographs are beautiful, exciting, and completely true to the time and place.

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