A secret garden grown for a wedding - Influenced by John Singer Sargent

Eleanor and Angus met amongst paint brushes, a love for romantic artists, and the guise to share a studio. They set to grow a wedding from the grounds of a tired house vacated by departed grandparents. The work of two families coming together produced the vibrance of new life from a potting shed decorated with the dust and debris of previous generations. Where an old barn, once used to serve teas to members of the military - existing as a resting place for metal of the forty’s war effort; would now bear witness to a ceremony of peace and love, narrated by the groom’s father. 

The wedding was highly influenced by the work of John Singer Sargent. Soft, dream-like tones, vivid colour, summer twilight, the astral plane, a place between asleep and awake - all waiting to be decorated by British weather. It was a beautiful experience to discover Mr Sargent’s visions, and translate that into the photography for this wedding.

There is so much about these photos that I love; including the moments in the late summer downpour to take shots of the Ele and Angus in the greenhouse which gave birth to the botanical life that adorns every inch of the wedding. And there is so much about the wedding I love. A young couple with their son embracing the lifecycle of a garden that brought two families together, creating roots in the ground passed on by generations before them for this unique occasion.

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Dress: Halfpenny London - http://www.halfpennylondon.com/

Suit: David Green - http://davidgreentailoring.co.uk/

Rings: Noemi Klein -http://www.noemiklein.com

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