Home Sweet Home

After the serene calm of the morning there was a panic driven sprint through Wandsworth town; led by a heel clad bride who decided to abandon her car with the genuine prospect of missing her own wedding. Then there were bottles of home made ginger beer sat atop of each table, alongside white lilies, awaiting the Afro-Caribbean feast put on by the brilliant Rhythm Kitchen. Speeches to move your soul, and dancehall bass-lines to move the foundations of the Guildhall. It was energetic and personal; from the generational portraits that centred the tables, to the needlework dedicating Kai’s suit to the occasion. 

I want to thank Femi and Kai for getting hold of me on instagram, for convincing me to take photos of them by the shoreline at dawn, and for being the type of friends that never forget your number.

Bar services from Purple Fizz http://www.purplefizz.co.uk

Cakes by The Sugar Hive https://www.instagram.com/the_sugarhive/

DJ set by Abz Musa https://www.abzmusa.co.uk 

Cars by Portfolio Heritage http://portfolioheritage.co.uk

Kai’s Suit by Christian English http://www.christianenglish.co.uk

Photos by James Allan

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