Home Sweet Home

After the serene calm of the morning there was a panic driven sprint through Wandsworth town; led by a heel clad bride who decided to abandon her car with the prospect of missing her own wedding. There were bottles of home made ginger beer sat atop of each table, alongside white lilies, awaiting the Afro-Caribbean feast put on by the brilliant Rhythm Kitchen.

It was energetic and personal; from the generational portraits that centred the tables, to the needlework dedicating Kai’s suit to the occasion. 

I want to thank Femi and Kai for getting hold of me on instagram, for convincing me to take photos of them by the shoreline at dawn.

Bar services from Purple Fizz http://www.purplefizz.co.uk

Cakes by The Sugar Hive https://www.instagram.com/the_sugarhive/

DJ set by Abz Musa https://www.abzmusa.co.uk 

Cars by Portfolio Heritage http://portfolioheritage.co.uk

Kai’s Suit by Christian English http://www.christianenglish.co.uk

Photos by James Allan

Andalucian Oasis

Jamie and Mark had scoured the Andalucian countryside for months before they came across Cortijo Rosa Blanca. Their love was to draw family and close friends from all over the world in an intimate and rare meeting. The history of Bengal has scattered Jamie’s relatives and it was vital to both her and Mark that their wedding was a union of families as well as two individuals.  

These photos feel so very precious to me. I want to thank Jamie and Mark, as well as their guests for allowing me to photograph them with such intimacy. Whilst I was with them for five days in the desert hills of the south of Spain, I felt like part of the family.

Photos by James Allan

Special mention to 

Ella Megan Makeup

Cortijo Rosa Blanco

A tranquil Hindu wedding ceremony

Dipasha and Prabal came to me earlier this year and asked about me photographing their wedding. They wanted a photographer for whom the experience would be new to them. We spoke for some time about their life in England, America, and India, and began to sew an idea about their wedding in the UK and it’s importance in reflection to other celebrations they would have in India. Dipasha wanted me capture the wedding in a way that impacted on me as it happened; and to use much of my inexperience, or as I felt “ignorance” of tradition to come up with a set of photos that avoid reappropriating the work of photographers who specialise in Indian weddings, but didn’t stray into the obscure.

Despite equal amounts of excitement and trepidation, the day was an utterly tranquil and calming experience. In contrast to the boldness of colour, I felt utterly at peace with how delicate the ceremonies unfolded around me, and the tenderness of the emotion on display. There was a sea of calm that filled every space. Pressures contained and communicated to one another through the most gentile and tactile of touch, and words of love whispered like the smoke of the insense hovering in the pavilion in which the Panigrahana took place. 

Thank you Dipasha and Prabal for all your love and trust.  

Photographs by James Allan

A secret garden grown for a wedding - Influenced by John Singer Sargent

Eleanor and Angus met amongst paint brushes, a love for romantic artists, and the guise to share a studio. They set to grow a wedding from the grounds of a tired house vacated by departed grandparents. The work of two families coming together produced the vibrance of new life from a potting shed decorated with the dust and debris of previous generations. Where an old barn, once used to serve teas to members of the military - existing as a resting place for metal of the forty’s war effort; would now bear witness to a ceremony of peace and love, narrated by the groom’s father. 

The wedding was highly influenced by the work of John Singer Sargent. Soft, dream-like tones, vivid colour, summer twilight, the astral plane, a place between asleep and awake - all waiting to be decorated by British weather. It was a beautiful experience to discover Mr Sargent’s visions, and translate that into the photography for this wedding.

There is so much about these photos that I love; including the moments in the late summer downpour to take shots of the Ele and Angus in the greenhouse which gave birth to the botanical life that adorns every inch of the wedding. And there is so much about the wedding I love. A young couple with their son embracing the lifecycle of a garden that brought two families together, creating roots in the ground passed on by generations before them for this unique occasion.

This wedding is featured by Love My Dress

Dress: Halfpenny London - http://www.halfpennylondon.com/

Suit: David Green - http://davidgreentailoring.co.uk/

Rings: Noemi Klein -http://www.noemiklein.com


Today (in about ten minutes) I will be sharing a wedding at Palazzo Bacile di Castiglione. Built in the 16th century, this would be
the first time the venue would host a wedding ceremony. I was very lucky to be asked to photograph such a unique event.

The photos from this wedding are some of the most personal I have taken. It was never my intention for it to turn out like that though. Inside the Palazzo we had this wonderful family living through this celebration. It was relaxed, informal and beautiful in its simplicity.

I take photos that, in many cases, would only be accessible to family members, or close friends. Obviously, this is a challenging thing to do because photography is so personal and subjective, and taking care to protect the privacy of the people I work with is paramount. The photos taken at this wedding are often of people at their most open and sensitive. I have spent a year and a half figuring how, what, and when I could display just some of them. I am really happy to finally share a tiny piece of this magical four day event because I think these photographs are beautiful, exciting, and completely true to the time and place.

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