James Allan is now a listed supplier on Love My Dress

I am proud to announce that I have become a listed supplier at Love My Dress

Some of you out there know that “word-of-mouth” has been central to my work.
Having that connection is a fulfilling and precious experience. It has
been a testament to the quality and importance of human connection. It remains central to what I do. 

Love My Dress are one of the few resources and who practice a considered approach. Valuing that human connection, honesty, and relatable stories to reduce the disposability of digital content. They care about the people that work with them with them, they care about the effects of digital media on the human, and they care about the integrity of the stories they handle. It means a great deal to list with them.

And since we are on the subject; LMD have launched their new podcast. Opening with Andrea Hawkes

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